Healthquest Technologies Inc.


Established in 1995, Originally configured as a contract consumer product design and development company providing engineering and technical support for outside retail manufacturers. Healthquest has ultimately  evolved into a  unique and capable virtual international product development organization dedicated to the solutions of everyday problems by bringing new and novel ideas to market. Currently, all available resources are dedicated to inventing and marketing its own line of novel proprietary, patented, consumer products Beginning with the earliest conception stage of original innovations and ideas through the many subsequent stages of product development starting with preparation of patent applications and continuing through prototyping and ultimately resulting in  full scale production via offshore facilities. Hosting its own comprehensive diverse array of skilled technical talents ranging from highly experienced electrical, mechanical and plastic engineers, CAD/CAM designers, including injection mold and tool designers.  In order to facilitate the lowest production costs and fastest  turnaround time and ultimately the lowest selling price, parts sourcing and associated manufacturing resources are managed by US agents familiar with offshore production.

 Some of Our Recent Patented Innovations!

Introducing our company's most recent product development.  A unique and novel patented interactive promotional and marketing concept. Designed to afford you the opportunity to make you message stand out from all the background clutter of competing point of sale promotions. Guaranteed to make your promotional message noticed by everyone through the use of it's integral auto-activated capabilities including 16 seconds of pre-recorded audio, bright red scrolling digital text and up to 12 flashing LED's all super-imposed on a dual flip lenticular graphics display. Compact in size and operating on a set of easily changable alkaline "AA" bateries this display is configurable with any custom audio message, user friendly programable text and lenticular graphics while assuring easy placement in any retail, commercial or public enviornment.

Designed to capitalize on the "Captive Audience" found in a mens restroom this unique and novel patented promotional and marketing design promises to create, for the advertising industry, an entirely new worldwide genre for print media. Available with a wide variety of attention grabbing annunciators it will assuredly get noticed. A combination, utilizing a simple & inexpensive utilitarian design and a previously neglected and underutilized public space that is plainly in view of  a large part of the male population{the urinal}, unquestionably,  promises to become an original killer application for many product promotions.

Brand new, unique patented design provides an interactive pre-recorded message which plays whenever one reaches for the prescription/note pad or any other item conveniently stored on this handy desk organizer. The audible recording can be factory programmed to provide a detailed informative message or can be user programmed to act as a message-minder or play the voice of a loved one. Applications include medical information regarding the details of a prescription or reminders regarding appointments. A quartz clock with analog hands and imprinted pen are included to compliment the integral 3.5 inch clear display area designed to display alternating lenticular images with promotional copy and text or to provide the user a space to display their favorite photos.

As First Place winner of Hammacher Schlemmer's new search for invention contest. It's a First of It's Kind.  Constructed of die cast aluminum and state of the art electronics this cordless massager lets you choose, at the flip of a switch, either a cold inflammation reducing  massage(40degrees) or a soothing and warm massage (112 degrees) to help relieve the discomfort of your aches and pains from sports, stress or minor injuries. Can be used for up to an hour at a time it offers a convenient alternative to wraps that need to be heated before use. Powered by a pair of integral nicad rechargeable batteries that can be fully recharged overnight..

RIVA 2000©
"Hope In A Jar" is what every cosmetic manufacturer is trying to sell to their clamoring public. As a fact of life, there is very little difference between most of the new skin care formulations and products. Riva 2000, our unique & patented cosmetic and skin care applicator system provides a unique means of packaging and dispensing skin care products. Utilizing a small sterile, single use disposable module combined with a heated massaging applicator appliance will provide the user the ultimate in comfort and efficacy to enhance the positive effects of all topical lotions and creams. 

The wonderful ubiquitous house plant typically finds it's place in the home suspended from the ceiling in a location near a window to access available sunlight. With this practical placement there is inevitable result that the side of the plant facing the sun will grow much faster and healthier than the apposed side of the plant. Our solution to this problem was the creation of a novel design which allows the plant and it's hanging container to be partially rotated periodically through the day, thus providing for the plants uniform sunlight exposure and growth.  Additionally, watering a hanging plant typically becomes an adventure since gravity will  cause the water to run down your arm as you attempt to water the plant while in place above your head. Plantomatic's design incorporates a retractable cord connected to the hanging pot via a removable hook that can be secured to the rotating underside center of the  battery powered mechanism. A clever design feature allows for  the removal of the upper assembly exposing a rotating platform that when placed on a supporting surface will allow the uniform rotation of all heavy counter top plants and special objects d'art.